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10 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2019

10 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2019

These are 10 free software for your computer that are very useful. Beginning with this edition of the “Free Software” series and future episodes to come, we’ll take a look at the best free and open source programs for your computer. In short, when you see the term “open-source software”, it means that it’s source-code is freely available for users to inspect, modify, and distribute the software to anyone for any reason. With so many free and open-source programs that are actually great, in this video I will show you 10 of our personal favorites that we think are the most useful, many of which you’ve heard me discuss before on this channel. They’re all well-established, trusted and completely free.

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“Free Software” Series

OBS Studio (Beginners Guide)

VirtualBox (Beginners Guide)

0:38 Office Suite
1:25 Web Browser
2:03 Screen Recorder
2:42 Video Editor
3:35 Graphics Editor
4:46 Screenshot Tool
5:47 3D Creation
6:23 Text Editor
6:55 Media Player
7:21 Virtualizer


Mozilla Firefox


Tor Browser

OBS Studio






VLC Media Player




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